Wilhelmine – Magical Happy Bracelet - OCTOBER
Wilhelmine – Magical Happy Bracelet - OCTOBER

Wilhelmine – Magical Happy Bracelet - OCTOBER

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A little bit about the stones:

Lets start by the lock:

Smoky quartz is said to be the stone that is best against radiation. The stone provides grounding and purifies the air between people. Smoky quartz is a dream stone and a powerful energy leader.

Labradorite is one of Trine's personal favorites, where you can see the whole rainbow in the right light. It is said that the Labradorite was used as a navigation stone on Viking ships.

Pearls provide clarity, order and stimulate loving feelings, thoughts and actions. For hundreds of years, the luster of pearls has been a symbol of beauty and purity. The rock crystal provides clarity and insight and creates harmonious vibrations in a room. It is often used as an ornamental and gemstone.

Hematite, also called blood stone, gives a feeling of warmth, movement and energy. The stone can improve the quality of sleep by having it under the pillow.

Rose quartz is called the love stone is widely used in jewelry. It is soothing and helps to forgive. Rose quartz protects, gives creative urge and helps against bad vibrations.

Whether you believe in this or not doesn't matter, some people know that stones have power, while others do not care. The bracelet should first and foremost decorate nicely around your wrist and delight you every time you look at it.

Pearls and stones have been used as lucky amulets for thousands of years and have been given power in relation to their history.

"After over 30 years as a jeweler, I have become incredibly fond of this beautiful part of creation and have decided to make a small series of unique bracelets every month. Everything is real and the metal is 925S also called Sterling silver."

Handmade by our dear Trine Wilhelmine Rønnevig!

Trine Wilhelmine Rønnevig is a well known norwegian golsmith and jewelry designer  that has been in the jewelry business for over 30 years.

All of her bracelets are between 18,5 cm - 21 cm