We are not HappyGoLucky we are HappyGoColors!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful boutique right on the dockside in Lillesand harbour Norway!






Spring of 2020 two things happened almost at the same time! The building where Harald Fjeldal Kunstkolonial had been located since 2014 was sold and Corona was a fact!


3 people could have been out of work! But we loved our concept so much and could not give it up. So in september 2020 www.kunstkolonialen.no  was a fact. 


Colors, happy living and positive vibes is what we want to share. Good and responsible products. Gifts to give away or keep yourself.. Happiness in a box as our logo suggests!


Trine started it all after having made jewellery in many years she wanted to sell more of what women love. Nice clothes, handbags, hats, scarves and jewellery. 

Natali came into the picture in the spring 2015 because there was enough work for two. Natali is also a jewellery designer and goldsmith, just as Trine.

Janne joined us in 2016 and since then we have made magic for each other and lots of customers. We are such a good team! Different but same.   

In february 2021 the rest of the world knocked on our door and wanted to shop for colors and happiness and in times when nothing is normal we just decided to do something crazy and go international!

The word kunstkolonialen is even hard to say and write in norwegian so we had to find a name which included the two words happy and color but was possible to pronounce and write with not too much trouble! With an .com ending not an easy task and not as many as you would think to choose from. 

But finally Trine said: We are NOT HappyGoLucky we are HappyGoColors!! 

And here we are HappyGoColors.com for you! First up to be able to shop from us are people in the USA, Canada and Australia with the rest of the world to follow if this makes as much sense for you as it does for us. 

Welcome into our colorful and happy world!