Happiness and colors!

kjevik airport


The world needs as much of both as possible!

A tiny online store from Norway has decided to bring joy and good stuff to Australia, Canada and the US!

It all started because one of the owners Trine went live on Facebook in February 2021.  She had a bathing suit and red reading glasses on, and it was snowing at the freezing beach outside of Lillesand Norway! This crazy act got a lot of attention all over the world. There were so many women wanting to buy those glasses, that we decided to go international!

So here we are 6 months later, ready to do something that both excites us and scares us!

We are happy to get good help from DHL and Shopify to serve Australia, Canada and USA, and we hope to go world wide by the end of 2022!

I know some of you haven't gone shopping for quite a while and hopefully you will find our shop tempting and fun to look around in. Because of timezones we know that it might take a bit longer to provide you with an answere if you need help, but we are here to help and we are looking forward to this! 

Delivery with DHL should go smoothly no matter how the restrictions are where you live.

So lets do this! 

We are NOT happy go lucky...we are Happy Go Colors!

Love from Natali, Janne and Trine 

janne trine natali