Color me happy since 2014

We love colors, we are happy and we go international this summer!

Welcome to HappyGoColors! A tiny webshop with a big heart and a big vision. We are placed in Kristiansand Norway and we are so proud to say HELLO world. We start with the USA, Canada and Australia and hope to grow at the perfect speed to all the corners of the world at the right time. 

Who are we?..and why do we do what we do?

We are Natali (28) Janne (47) and Trine (59) and we have been working together for several years in a charming boutique in Lillesand. We love to make magic moments for our customers and we are proud of how we used the corona as an opportunity to launch a webshop and make ourselves a living.We decided to operate under two names...KUNSTKOLONIALEN in Norway and HAPPYGOCOLORS internationally. Our Norwegian name has a long story behind it and is really hard to pronounce even for Norwegians ;)  So if you se the two names mixed together you know the reason, we are one but two in a strange way. 


We promote colors and happiness, we talk about consciousness and responsibility and we believe that gifts to yourself and others are an important part of life. Gifts make you happy and when you need one check with HappyGoColors! We have Norwegian design, Danish design and even Alessi from Italy. Our reading glasses are French and we plan to widen the range of products slow and steady.

If you want us to giftwrap for you please let us know!

There is not a big techteam behind us...we are learning what is needed as we go along. Thank you for your patience and for giving us feedback. It is very appreciated. And most of all thank you for reading this!

If you have any questions or requests please feel free to reach out and contact us!

Lots of love from Natali, Janne and Trine